Right Path Student Services is a global education organization that recruits and supervises international students wishing to study in America. We provide educational programs, expert counsel, and broad support for international students to attend independent middle schools and high schools in the United States. Right Path Student Services supports international students by securing appropriate schooling and providing legal guardianship, academic counseling and social interactions.

Our residential education services provide comprehensive housing solutions to students. Students are matched with thoroughly-screened host families who provide cultural understanding and friendship for a safe and enjoyable home stay experience.

Partnering with school communities benefits not only international students, but also enhances the schools’ international student programs as American students and host families learn more about new cultures.

Right Path guides international students on a journey from experiencing quality education and the American lifestyle to acceptance into the best universities and colleges that fit their abilities and interests.


With caring and compassionate management, Right Path Student Services guides international students on the path to success through educational opportunities that foster increased global awareness, understanding, and respect between cultures.


Our vision is to provide a cross-cultural and global experience that leads to:

  • Confident and well-rounded students
  • Student engagement and leadership opportunities
  • Acceptance into top universities

We seek qualified schools. We seek qualified students. We seek qualified host families.