Student and Parent Services

Student Recruitment and Administration
School Application Review and Processing
Interview Appointment Scheduling
School Tours
Enrollment and Registration Paperwork Processing
I-20 Management
Visa Application Assistance
School Tuition and Fees Payment

Power of Attorney
School Travel Coordination
Student Financial Administration
Communication between Student, School, Parents & Host Family
Coordination of required Physical Examination and Immunizations
Quarterly Newsletter
Birthday Cake

Student Management
Student Orientation and Handbook
Social and Cultural Guidance and Support
Academic Advisement and Consultation
Coordination of Tutoring Service
Monthly Activities
Monthly Progress Reports
Leadership Training
Management of School Meal Service

School Fees Payments (Specific to School)
School Uniform
Gym Uniform
Class Dues
Parent Association Dues
Athletic Association Dues
Technology Fee
iPad/Computer Purchase
Activity Fee
Fundraising Fee
Field Trips
Retreat Fee
Music Class Fee/Art Class Fee/Elective Class Fee
Sports Participation Fee
Graduation Fee

Medical Insurance
Group Accident and Sickness Policy
Scheduling School Physical and Immunizations Coordination of Medical Care & Appointment Scheduling
Claims Processing

Optional Services
Passport Renewal
Transportation to and from airport
Additional Tutoring
Learning Disability Testing
Summer Storage
Summer Camps
Visa Renewal
Passport Replacement
Parent Visa Application Assistance
Parent Accommodations in U.S.

College Placement
College Counseling
Application Assistance